1- Cold Storage

Delfrío S.A. offer storage services, reefer cargoes, suchs as fish products
(Hake, Southern Hake, Swordfish, Eal, Salmon, Shark, Seabass, Surimi,
Kingclip) and also for Chicken, Turkey and Meats.

Company has 6 holds for storage all these varietes, we' ve a total capacity
of arround 1.500 tons, depending on the volumen of each particular

2- Logistic, Stock Control and Distribution.

If the client needs to do its own distribution, Delfrío S.A special offices
leased for such purposes, which the client has all the comforts with
his burden to distribute.-

3-Factories Rentals.

The company owns also infrastructure for lease
Currently have 5 processing plants, offices for customers who need it,
dry store, freezers IQF, freezers Plate etc...


Ruta 68# 1240 Placilla de Peñuelas Valparaíso, Chile
Teléfonos: (56) (32) 2291166 \ 2292172 Fax: 2292033. E-Mail:frigorifico-delfrio@123mail.cl